About Us

1. Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria Commission

Our commission continues to work on the instruction related to Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria.

The purpose of this instruction is to adapt the Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria introduced in 1997 to today’s conditions; to improve the quality of the academic studies of the faculty members; to achieve common standards in the world and to determine the principles of training distinguished academicians who organize meetings and events at national and international level and participate in them as well as conducting educational activities; who advise dissertations; who is committed to ethic values and  whose studies are cited.

The required qualifications for people who will be appointed or assigned as faculty members at faculties, colleges and institutes that are affiliated to our Rectorship will be organized with the instruction prepared by Gazi University Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria Commission.

2. Incentive Awards for International Publications Commission

Our commission work with respect to Gazi University Awards Instruction and determines the basis of awards application requirements.

Articles, citations, patents and editorials announcing the name of Gazi University by being published in international literature (Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index-Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index)    have been given incentive awards since 1996.

The awards are given to academics with International Publications Ceremony every year in June.

3. Overseas Postgraduate Education Follow-up Committee

Our commission works in accordance with the principles of Higher Education Law 2547, Act 39, which is related to assignments at home and abroad.

Teaching staff’s appointments abroad in order to do research and practice for a period more than three months are conducted by according to a study program that is approved by the Administrative Board. The appointment of the academics who will do research and practice abroad and their follow ups and other related decisions are approved by the University Administrative Board according to Higher Education Law 2547, Acts 33 and 39.

4. Central Publication Commission

Our commission works within the framework of Universities Publication Regulation that is prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Law 2547. Universities and publications that belong to their affiliated units (course books used as a tool in class, photocopies related to textbooks) are subject to this Regulation.

It comprises of two faculty members chosen among the members of the University’s Board of Directors and works under the chairmanship of the Deputy Rector. Publication Commission makes the necessary planning determined by the University Senate; makes decisions and monitor the applications. The decisions of the Commission is finalized upon the approval of the University Board of Directors.